A complete guide to every set of wheels used in The Sweeney

Well, all the ones that are identifiable, at least. Many cars were filmed with false number plates, but many were the real deal, and may still be lurking in old barns, somewhere...

An * indicates this car's registration still shows up in the UK Vehicle Registration Database.

If you have any additional info, updates, acurate colour names or any corrections for any of these cars, please send them over.

Main Squad Cars
NHK 295M NHK 296M NWC 301P
NHK 295M *
'Copper Brown' Mk1 Ford Consul GT

Series 1 & 2, 6 episodes of series 3 and the Series 1, 2, & 3 titles
The only Sweeney car known to have survived and currently undergoing restoration
NHK 296M *
'Marine Blue' MK3 Ford Cortina 2.0XL

Series 1 & 2 and 6 episodes of series 3
Last taxed Nov 1984
NWC 301P *
'Astro Silver' Mk1 Ford Granada 3.0S

7 episodes of series 3
Last taxed May 1983
NWC 300P *
White MK3 Ford Cortina GT

7 episodes of series 3
Last taxed May 1984
RHJ 997R *
'Copper Bronze' Mk1 Ford Granada 3.0 Ghia

7 episodes of series 4 & Sweeney 2 film
Last taxed June 1995
VHK 491S *
'Strato Silver' Mk2 Ford Granada 2.8iS

7 episodes of series 4 & Sweeney 2 film
Exported out of UK June 1978

Other regular cars
PNO 548R
NHK 292M *
'Onyx Green' Mk1 Ford Granada Ghia with black vinyl roof

2 episodes of series 1 (Jackpot, Thin Ice).
Last registered as being taxed in Aug 1979, so more than likely ended up being written off
XAN 921N *
'Astro Silver' Mk1 Ford Granada GXL with black vinyl roof

2 episodes of series 2 (Country Boy, Trap)
No DVLA record, so possibly scrapped many years ago
PNO 548R
Silver MK4 Ford Cortina 2.0 S

Series 4
TGF 142T
TGF 142T
Silver Ford Granada

Only used in the title sequence of series 4
False plates were more than likely used and this is possibly the same car as VHK 491S
JGY 707K *
Light Blue & White Austin 1100 Police Car

2 episodes of series 1 (Big Spender, Contact Breaker) 1 episode of series 2 (Hit And Run)

Also used in Series 1 (more cars will be added later)
Regan - Pilot Episode
Car Colour Registration Use
Mercedes Light Blue Metallic RGT 650L Arthur Dale's car (main villain)
FC 101 Vauxhall Victor? Green AOR 283C Car that kills Cowley (Sweeney Officer)
Rover 2000 SC Red/Orange SGX 574L * Squad car
Ford Escort Mk1 Red/Orange ? Squad car
Ford Zodiac Mk4 Light Blue Metallic GJD 488J Regan's Squad car
Ford Granada Mk1 Dark Blue HGF 859K Regan's own car
Rover 2000 TC P6 Yellow/Cream ? Laker's Squad car (tries to follow Regan in his)
Jaguar XJ6 Series 1 ? ? Dale's gang's car
Stoppo Driver - Series 1, Episode 10
Jag Silver Grey RBP 282E Gang's car
BMW 525 Light Grey SRX 790M * Gang's car
Jag Silver Grey NTW 886G Gang's Car
Big Spender - Series 1, Episode 11
Bedford Transit Van Dark Blue HXD 958K Van which is robbed of camera equipment
Jag Dark Blue & Silver DWD 606C Barry Smith's car (villain)
Morris Marina 1.8 DL Olive Green OXE 903L * Mr Wardle's car (bent car park attendant)
Rover P6 Dark Blue GYM 311K Police Car
Wolseley 1500 Olive green TPM 306 Scrap car which crushes Charlie Smith
Contact Breaker - Series 1, Episode 12
Ambulance White 459 EXH Robbers' getaway vehicle
Jag Silver Grey JRY 387E Phil Harrister's car (villain)
Capri II 1600 L Bronze PTW 456M * Mark Colebrook's car (villain)
London Cab Black MLK 945L * Used by Brenda Keever (villain)
Abduction - Series 1, Episode 13
Capri II Ghia - (3000) Bottle Green, vinyl roof PTW 475M * Regan's own car
Mini Red, black roof not shown Susie Regan's teacher's car

Also used in Series 2
Big Brother - Series 2, Episode 4
Car Colour Registration Use
Transit Van Dark Blue NMH 532L Gang's van
Mercedes? Light Blue GJD 488J Drives Haskins
Mercedes 230/4 Light Green XGK 714N * Phil Deacon's car (villain)
London Cab Black EMM 595J Drives Swan (a hitman)
Hit And Run - Series 2, Episode 5
MG Midget Mustard HBL 49K* Alan Fowler's car (villain)
Morris Marina Mk1 Teal Blue OVG 552M Car which kills Alison Carter (Carter's wife)
Poppy - Series 2, Episode 8
Chevrolet Corvette
Light Blue GH 1234 Stephen Vane's car (bent insurance broker)
Triumph Stag White SPH 628M Sally Labbett's car (villain's bird)
Triumph Light Blue GVS 46H Drives Carter
Mini White XGK 812N * Vic Labbett's car (villain)
Jaguar Light Blue NTW 886C Ron Brett's car (villain)
I Want The Man - Series 2, Episode 11
Mercedes White GGC 456J Gang's car which picks up Popeye
Ford Cortina Dark Blue OLR 860E Gang's car which follows Frankie Little
Bedford KG Green OYM 873F Security van robbed of money
Simca van White unreadable Squad car tracking security van
Ford Zephyr Light Blue GJD 488J Gang's car which follows security van
Rover P6 Dark Blue GYM 311K Squad car (drives Carter)
Transit Van Blue FMX 984J Gang's van

Raleigh Choppers (not strictly a motor, but they do crop up regularly)
JIGSAW (16:57 minutes into the episode)
At the end of a montage of cross faded shots which follow Regan & Carter on a search, there's a quick shot of a kid standing next to his red Chopper. Then the squad car comes screeching round the corner.

SELECTED TARGET (36:45 to 37:00 minutes into the episode)
Carter walks up the path of the stylish 70s bungalow, Bray Gate. His beige flares are flapping in a light summer breeze as the lovely Maureen Lipman looks on from over the road. On the grass is a yellow bike and this is either a Chopper or a Chipper.

ON THE RUN (43:47 to 44:14 minutes into the epsiode)
A very 70s looking kid rides a purple Chopper in some woods and finds Tim Cook's jeep hidden under the branches. There may even be a red Chopper on the ground.

DRAG ACT (21:35 to 21:43, 21:50 to 21:54 & 22:02 to 22:05 minutes into the episode)
A paper boy is seen delivering papers riding a red Chopper as Julie Kingdom looks on. He also rides by when Julie Kingdom's colleague is smudging the fat villain.

TRUST RED (10:12 minutes into the episode)
A blue Chopper is parked up on its stand in the yard where Red's wife is hanging out the washing. Probably belongs to the elder of Red's two daughters.

FEET OF CLAY (31:02 minutes into the episode)
Ember parks the VW Beetle with the poppy in a car park. In the background is an area of grass by a playground. It looks like there's a Chopper parked amongst a few other bikes.

Thanks to Adrian for this definitive list of appearances.
Any additions or corrections, please send them in.