"I sometimes hate this bastard place..."

Grey, 1970s London was an essential element to The Sweeney's gritty charm. Most episodes were filmed in and around West London, often not too far away from Euston Film's Hammersmith offices.

A lot of the wastelands and disused factories used in the series have now been redeveloped, but there's numerous buildings still standing.

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Series One

02. Jackpot
05. Jigsaw - NEW 03/05/05
06. Night Out
11. Big Spender
13. Abduction

Series Two

02. Faces
02. Supersnout
05. Hit And Run
06. Trap - NEW 04/05/05
07. Golden Fleece
08. Poppy
11. I Want The Man
12. Country Boy
13. Thou Shalt Not Kill!

Series Three

03. Visiting Fireman

Series Four

01. Messenger Of The Gods - UPDATED 04/05/05
10. One Of Your Own


Opening Titles
Regan (pilot episode) - COMING SOON
Sweeney 2 (feature film) - COMING SOON